PINSA offers start up services as well as manufacturing  options.

We have over 40 years of professional management and hands-on experience in
launching offshore operations for clients employing 10 to 1,500 or more workers
and manufacturing everything from computer systems to medical devices.

The knowledge we have gained in advising and establishing these companies in
Mexico has allowed us to develop a variety of finely honed, production-related
services – one or more of which can help your firm maximize the profit potential
of Mexico’s highly skilled, low cost labor reservoir. Pinsa was who initially rented to
companies like Memorex, United Technology, Rockwell, Lowrey and Chamberlain.
Buildings specially fitted for the electronic industry. To being your operation
efficiently and profitably in Mexico PINSA provides these options.
Consultation and feasibility studies to determine if your product can be
manufactured in Mexico profitability and will receive favorable Customs duty

Buildings: available for rent or lease.
Shelter plan that allows you to operate without legal/financial involvement with

•        Start-up programs that smooth the transfer of your personnel, operating   
procedures and equipment to Mexico.
•        Subcontract manufacture of your product by American firms now
operating in Mexico.
•        Offshore sourcing to reduce your component costs.
•        U.S. warehouses to stage your shipments into and out of Mexico.
•        Border or Mexican interior locations. Both have distinct advantages and we
outline these for you.
Because our managers have experienced the fears, concerns and problems client
companies encounter in their move to Mexico, we have developed a highly service-
oriented infrastructure. Members of our staff are available, on call, to quickly
provide solutions - smooth the way – to assure that each client manufacturer can
achieve and maintain maximum production efficiency at all times.

Should a client company, as it grows, elect to move from a subcontract or shelter
plan operation to its own wholly owned subsidiary operation in Mexico, our
management team works closely and in full cooperation with them to effect a
smooth transfer. Personnel trained under the client’s shelter plan program remain
with the client company, and often we can lease the building in which they have
operated. All records are transferred and assistance provided to fully and smoothly
integrate the company into Mexican legal/financial system.

PINSA’s nationwide marketing programs have made manufactures in every state
aware of the benefits of the maquila program. These efforts continue to bring new
firms into Mexico every year and enhance Mexico’s stature as the new frontier for
offshore manufacturing
Our co-sponsorship of regional and national seminars stressing the advantages of
manufacturing in Mexico are well received and have favorably impressed
attendees; “highly informative . . . no nonsense . . . clearly defines maquila options .
. . time well spent” are comments heard


The Campbell family, natives of Southern California, operated a manufacturing
business, begun by Richard Campbell, Sr., in Mexico in the early 1960’s, well
before the inception of the Mexican Maquila Program. In the ensuing years, the
family has developed a host of important contacts with Mexican business, financial,
legal and government leaders located from the northern border to Mexico City.
Richard Campbell, Jr., now President of PINSA, grew up with the family
organization and has been personally involved in the growth of the maquila program
to more than 1,000 plants in Mexico.

Two key members of PINSA’s management staff include C.P. Antonio Garcia
Villasenor, Director of Operations. His knowledge and experience in Mexican tax
law, wage administration and general accounting practices is a valuable asset to
our American client companies and they provide a valuable interface link with U.S.
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